10 Min Tips to Teach Music

EP#42: The Capture List

January 13, 2021

Epic Change starts with your environment. The thing is, your environment can influence your mood, behaviour, motivation, interactions with people, and stress levels.  

As Adults, we know this and we are very conscious of our environment particularly at home. So why should our classrooms be any different. Join me as I discuss Stage 2 of your 5 Year Plan toward Epic Change.

Some of the key talking points include:

  • Flexible teaching spaces and how best to manage the clutter
  • Tips on how best to organise your rooms
  • What is a Capture List?
  • How to break down the "mountain" the capture list creates
  • How to build your overall package of change

To check out the post and give away attached to this episode, go to: Klerrisa Custom Music 

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